10 Things You Should Know Before Shopping For Your Wedding Dress

10 Things You Should Know Before Shopping For Your Wedding Dress

Never set your foot in a bridal salon when you lack basic gown shopping information.


Before moving out with your numerous saved photos as well as the zeal to run through several wedding gowns, there are some useful tips we would like to intimate you with. For instance, are you supposed to be putting on a bra in such an occasion? Are there hidden costs that you should be aware of later on? Get used to these tips before you make a go for your first dress.

1. Reduce Your Entourage

We have said this initially, and we will repeat it – coming into the salon with a truckload of friends is a big NO in gown shopping. Run along with just a couple of your family or closest friends to get you started on your search. That way, it will be easier for you to find a gown that will match your style and personality, rather than choosing the wrong gown due to unnecessary pressure.

2. Hidden Costs Adding Up

Be informed that the budget for your wedding gown goes beyond the dress alone. You equally need to consider your headpiece or veil, shoes, jewelries, undergarments as well as alterations. Have all these at the back of your mind before deciding on a budget.

3. Undergarments Are Not Compulsory

Many bridal shops do have various bra types in their fitting room. If you aim for a comfortable strapless style or intend going with specific body shaper, you can bring it in. you will definitely need your unique gown undergarments which is necessary for your very first fitting, though not your first appointment.

4. Salons Do Take Requests 

The possibility of a particular bridal salon parading your best designer is not the same as having your dream wedding dress. However, if you can put a call across before time and demand a unique style, then your consultant will request a sample of the said gown for you.

5. Don’t Be Discouraged

Your chances of getting a pretty gown for yourself is quite high because there are numerous designs as well as a plethora of designs for you choose from. However, while returning empty-handed from your first trip can be a reality and quite disappointing, you should never give up.

6. Shop for Your Body

In the course of trying out a dress, pay more attention on your body shape and frame, rather than your weight. Your weight is bound to change when you are going through stressful times, so you don’t choose a dress based on that. Go after silhouettes which will accentuate your most adorable features and make you look charming.

7. Booking an Appointment 

Although it is possible to get a salesperson by merely walking in, it is always better off to schedule an appointment way ahead of time to secure an hour for some serious consultation.

8. You Can Pick Favorites

To make sure your shopping experience pans out as expected, request the head of salon to get you an appointment booked if she can recommend a reliable consultant. Or better still you can allow your friends and family help you out

9. First Days Aren’t good For Sample Sale 

It is natural for you to want to arrive the venue of a sample sale as soon as you can, however shopping from day one of sample sale could be crowded and overwhelming. You can play smart by finding out how long the sales will last.

10. Try Shopping on Weekdays

If you dislike being rushed as you shop, try booking an appointment during the morning or afternoon hours of a weekday. Saturdays seem to be the day with the most population in bridal salons. Hence, avoid those crowded days so you can get the deserved attention.

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