cheap budget wedding venues ceremony reception

Celebrating wedding reception is as important as celebrating the wedding itself. You get to entertain your guests and ensure that they have a memorable day. It is important you should also note that when planning a wedding, you should consider the size of your pocket so that you don’t get scared by the bill.

Even as you plan to give your guests a special treatment after the wedding, you should also consider saving because there is the actual life after the wedding. There are some cost-effective ways you can have a wonderful wedding reception with low budget or when you wish to save some cash.

Below are some ways you can find cheap budget venue ideas for your wedding ceremony and reception.

Focus on Priorities

The best way to have a cost-effective wedding reception is by focusing more on your priorities rather than wasting resources on things that are not too relevant.  During your planning process, you are expected to figure out things that are more important and making them priorities. This helps you save on your budget since you may not need to bother much on things that are less important.

Choose a small town instead of a big city

Having your wedding reception in a small town will help you save instead of having the reception in a big city. This is because goods and services in the big cities are more expensive than when compared to small towns.

You can get nice venues in the small towns that can offer you as much comfort as those in the cities. The advantage is that it is even cheaper which makes it ideal for you when you wish to save.

Don’t over-rent space

You should consider the number of guests you are expecting before you choose a venue for your wedding reception. The number of guests you are expecting should be a major factor to consider when choosing a venue. It will be a waste of cash and resources when you get a venue that accommodates 400 guests when the number of guests you are actually expecting is around 100.

Use your negotiation skills

You should try to get the prices of different venues in different location. This is to help you use the information to your advantage by comparing the prices and choosing the cheapest venue among them.

When making an inquiry, do not let them know you are using the venue for wedding so that they don’t add to the price.

Get it Simple

Keeping your wedding reception simple will go a long way in ensuring that you save some cash from it. The venue of the reception should be a simple but classy one. it should be creatively decorated and nicely designed but you should avoid adding unnecessary items which could waste your resources.


You should start the preparation for your wedding ceremony very early so that you are prepared for unexpected wedding costs. Ensure that you put into adequate consideration, all the factors that can stop you from having a cheap budget wedding ceremony.

Remember that there is life after the wedding ceremony. You should not spend too extravagantly so that you can save enough cash that can help you start your new family after the wedding reception.