The Most Beautiful Outdoor Wedding Venue in Every Single State

Are you planning a wedding ceremony and you are yet to decide the venue to use. All states have at least one nice place where you can have a successful wedding ceremony. Here are some beautiful outdoor wedding venues you can choose from. Ensure you choose the one that is closest to you so that you can access the place easily.

Southern House and Garden

Located in Alabama is this enchanting garden where you can have an outdoor wedding ceremony. The garden is adorned with giant oaks where you can use for relaxation.

Wadsworth Mansion

This is a historic 19th-century mansion where you can have your wedding ceremony and also have the opportunity of becoming more familiar with the American history. You also have to choose where to take your wedding vows. You can choose either from rose trellis, tennis pavilion, or cedar-framed vista.

Mill City Museum

This place was initially a flour mill before it was turned into a museum. The structure and designs are stunning with a sense of high-class. The place has the capacity of accommodating up to 1,000 guests. There are artifacts and other items which you can explore.

Blame Her Ranch

This ranch is located in New Mexico. It is a luxurious ranch that offers guests access to facilities that can make them more comfortable and have fun. The designs and structures are elegant and very attractive.

Paradise Cove

Just like its name, this destination is really a paradise where everyone would wish to have their wedding ceremony done. You can decide to have your vows in the open field or in a tastefully furnished venue where your guests can get the best hospitality.

Kualoa Ranch

This destination is an ideal one to have a memorable wedding ceremony. The place is surrounded by beaches, gardens, and mountains. There is also a small secret island where you can go with a few guests to have fun and relax.

Fulton Valley Farm

This venue can be used for both indoor and outdoor ceremony depending on the one that is more suitable for you. For the outdoor event, there is a green pastureland which can add more color to the ceremony. Fulton Valley Farm is located at Kansas.


This is another beautiful outdoor venue you can choose for your wedding ceremony. You are even permitted to take your wedding ceremony pictures in the stables or any other location of your choice.

Wadley Farms

This destination is one that has many natural features that can actually make you feel that you are closer to nature. It has orchards and vineyards which can serve as site-seeing locations. There is also a garden in the farm where you can relax

Bear Brook Valley

You may wish to have some romantic moments with your spouse. There is a pond with a heart shape where you can have some quiet moments with your spouse. There are also rustic wooden bridges which many people like the place for.

RT Lodge

The private woodland is a feature that many people love about this place. The place also boasts of beautiful mountain sanctuary which also attracts tourists. It is an ideal place for wedding ceremony and even other outdoor activities.