Top Unique Wedding Ideas

In order for you to make your wedding ceremony very successful and stand-out, there are some things you need to put into consideration. The location of the venue, your guests, your budget are some of the things you need to consider so that you do not end up having a boring ceremony or have a situation where the guests do not have the much-desired fun.

You may want to make your wedding ceremony standout but you don’t know how to go about it. Here are some creative ideas you can use to ensure that you have the best wedding ceremony you can afford.

  1. Get an accessible location

The location of the venue is very important. It should be somewhere that will be easily accessible and well-known. There are best the wedding reception venues you can choose from that have different features and facilities.

Many guests may get discouraged when the venue of the wedding reception cannot be easily accessed or it is difficult to locate. Try to get venues in popular areas either in big cities or small towns.

  • Get reception ushers

Getting reception ushers is a cool idea when you want to make sure your guests have one of the best wedding ceremonies experience. The ushers will have to escort your guests to their seats so that they don’t find it difficult knowing where to sit down during the event.

The ushers should be readily available to meet the needs of your guests. All guests should be dully attended to by the ushers in case they face any challenges or are in need of anything at all. The ushers can also help in making the event more organized.

  • Convenient child care

Since it is a wedding reception and you would probably be expecting some nursing mothers. It is important that you hire one or two babysitters. This will help the mothers become freer during the events as there will not be disturbance from their kids.

The room you will pick for the kids should be close to the reception location so that their parents can easily be checking on them from time to time. Having the kids taken cared of will help the parents have a memorable wedding reception.

The kids also should not be left out in the fun. You can stock the room with snacks, games, soft drinks, and toys. Also get a DVD player which will keep them entertained. There should also be provision for the kids that would like to take naps.

  • Integrate Social Media

There will be more fun when you integrate the wedding reception with social media. You can get your guests involved in live Facebook videos, tweets, or Instagram feeds. This will help boost the fun because even friends and family members who couldn’t make it to the reception will have a record of the day just as it happened.

  • Have an after reception party

There are guests who are party freaks. This is for them. Since the reception cannot go on for a whole day, with this, you give them the opportunity to have the unlimited fun they so much desire that day.

You do not need to book a separate venue for the after-party. You can still use the same venue but with slight changes to the settings and decoration. You can also use a small bar or a ballroom if you have a few guests left.